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Unit 1
Quizlet- harjoituksia:
Tee harjoitus s. 26 sanoistasubjects in vocational college
Vocabulary on jobs and questions with pictures and soundLearn English jobs and vocabulary
Paljoussanat ja ajanmääreetpaljoussanat ja ajanmääreet
tools for electrical workTools for electrical worktools for electrical work
Ripa's company quizletRipa's company 1

How to use appliences

What is elöectricity? etc.

glossory of hosehold electrical terms

An exercise with hosehold appliances
Tools with exercises and sound Tools
Kattava kuvasanakirja energiaWebster's visual dictionary energy
Webster's visual dictionaryPhysics electricity and electronics
Vocabulary on technology and sience
Technology and sience
Opiskele sanastoaworkshop and tools
Tools and hardwaretools and hardware
Tools for electrical workTools for electiral work Tee lista ja lyhyt kuvaus suomeksi)
electricity in the house words with pictureselectricity in the house

computer with spanner.gif

computer and exersice Computer exercise
computer networking:Computer networking quizzes
Computer crosswardsLearn English computer crosswards
Webster's visual dictionary, communicationCommunication
about computers and ITHow stuff works
PC MecPC Mec
hvä, yksi-kieliset selityksetComputer-user.dictionary
yksi-kielinen sana
Tools with soundtools


listening articles on technologyTechnology for studying

Housing in Finland Housing in Finland
learn the words of the room
telecom and media in FinlandTelecom and media

Computer with colours.gif
Learn about electronics and vocabulary
Warm Up Skills
Electronigs, English handbook p.66-68
World Skills.
About EnglishComputing ElectronicsElectronics

Electrical repair in the housesElectrical repair
Alot of articles on tehcnology (smart phone, phasebook etc) for students
Teen Talk aritckles on technology
More articles ontechonolgyScience and technology
Avideo on a hi-tech car keyA hi-tech car
Learn English magazine articles on science and tedhnology (e.g. the solar energy)Science and technology
Worksheets and links of technologyeslflow