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Muuta mielenkiintoista Britsh cCouncil new words
advanced vocabulary with sound vocabulary

Eu.dic sanakirja en fi enEu.dic-sanakirja
Mariam WebsterMariam Webster dictionary
En-Fi-en with a soundDictionaryBabla en fi en
Oxford's advanced learners dictionary (en-en) with sound Am.Br.Pxfprd's advanced learners dictionaryE
Find the synonys, meanings, opposites etc for wordswordhippo
Dictunary with sound and definitions, translations into many languages (but not into Finnish)LINGRO
Phrasal verbs

For learning WORDS and SENTENCES with sound quizlet

Free audio novels and shrt storiesn , read by voluntary readers Librivox
breaking news for listening andlearningThe breaking news mini-lessons and a lot more at the bottom of the pageMini-lessons Short news in 3 levels (video and text)
BBC downloads and podcastsBBC downloads BBC SkilswiseBBC skillswise English
ABI-treenit , listening exercises on science, society , situations etcListening Abi treenit
Multimedia English (videos etc.) for learning EnglishMultimedia English
You will find the pronuciation of the word herehowjsayit
A weekly podcast from BBC EnglishBBC English podcast, every week
A weekly 6 minutes podcast from BBC EnglishA 6 minutes podcast from BBC english
Learn English by reading different magazines and papersLearn English by reading
I'll speak it for you, just write it here Senternces into the voice
Listening and learning English with exerciseslisten-to-english
Books available for reading:
Bookworms, benefits of extensive readingBookworms, benefits of reading
auidiobooks, bookwormsAudio-books
Bookworms useful resourcesBookworms
For reading comicsFingerborg (in English)
Cambridge university booksA bookloist, level 6
VERY USEFUL DICTIONARIES, e.g. pronunciation dictionar, synonym dictionary etc.Dictionaries, euDict sanakirjaEuDict sanakirja Bab.la dictionary with sound
Oxford Advanced learner's dictionary onlineAdvanced learner's dictionary
Free English resources, chatiing etcEnglish, baby!
Krista opettaa englantia, wordpress, luetunym., idiomeja ym. hyödyllistäKirsta opettaa englantia wordpres
abitreeinit, kieliopia ym.
Breaking english news with lessonsbrekingnews.com
internetix.fi (hyä)i
Etälukio englannin kurssitEtälukio, englanti

Breaking news (level 6)
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Breaking news one-minute newsBBCone minute news
Learn English today news and radio podcastsEnglish Today news and radio podcasts
1-minute listening on various topicslistening
Video on advanced discussion Discussion
Discussion topics with questionsdiscussion topics
lessons on famous peoplefamous people
Here you'll find a lot of Britsih Council's material for learning English by watching and listening.:.
I wanna talk about
Listen and watch stories!
Listen and watch about the Britsh couture
Poems and stories

wordweb.infoLook for words and expressions you can add the expressons as we..

Current Isues
Municipal elections
Vocabulary game ricefield fice Field
The reader for the autumn term 2013:
The ELT author, Sue LeatherSue Leather
The nature of Truth
29.10.2013 a vocabulary list
Why the Finns love sauna BBC world magazine Yle.fi/newsHow to get through the drak season.
expression with different verbs idioms,
12.11.2013 Water in Desert

howjsay.com, pronounce the wordhowjsay.com
Livemocha learn English with Livemocha
Brittish Independent
Finnish Helsinki Times
Astrologilac signs (video words etc.)Astrological signs
Learn English magazine (e.g. body language)Body language articles on themes: culture, schience, travel etc.)
STORIES short storiesLearn English short stories
test of knowledge, true or false
Webster's name that thinh testName that thing
Test your vocabularyTest your vocabulary
Woodward Fun and jokes quetes

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